Her name was Turtle - parole e musica di Claudio Palma

Claudio Palma - 21/06/2012 20:49 - Canzoni
her name was turtleHer name was Turtle - parole e musica di Claudio Palma

Here's my story,
here's my life,
once upon a time in the web
a girl, her name was
and she was my life,
and she was my soul
but apart from that
I say good bye
we'll never meet more,
any more, 'cause
you don't want to be my friend
if I cannot joking, means
I'm nothing to you
I believed in you...

Here's my story
here's my life
lived in vain, dreaming a woman
who never been mine
my days are ending
my heart is dying
but more
are you sure you have a heart?

© Copyright 2012 Claudio Palma - tutti i diritti riservati
Claudio Palma - 21/06/2012 20:49


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